What I love about Grassroots Pharmacy

Grassroots Pharmacy is local

Lindsey and Shelly Roberts own Grassroots Pharmacy.  When the doors are open, you’ll find one of them there.  When you call the store, usually, you’ll hear one of their voices on the other end.  They truly enjoy getting to know their patients.  They offer medication “counseling” to their patients, especially for their older population.  This is just one of the nice “human touches” you’ll find when you visit.

Grassroots is a Compounding Pharmacy

Did you know not all pharmacies are the same?  Some dispense medicine only, some add vaccine and flu shot services, and then...some are compounding pharmacies!  That means they actually make your medicine in-house.  They can tailor drug formulas specifically for your body size and needs.  For example, if you cannot swallow pills, they can create a liquid version for you. A compounding pharmacist can produce the medication in a more precise and correct dosage, or combine it with other compatible medications that are also prescribed so it's easier to administer.  (Less pills to swallow is a great thing at my house!)

Years ago, I needed progesterone cream while I was pregnant.  I searched all over town looking for a pharmacy that would fill my prescription. That’s when I learned that I needed to search for a compounding pharmacy - one that could actually make the cream specified to my body’s needs.  (Of course, they work directly with your health care professional and receive the prescription directly from your doctor.)   

Grassroots has a Gift Shop and Smoothie Bar

While you’re visiting Grassroots Pharmacy, be sure to bring your list of gift needs. They have the most adorable gift shop for you to browse while you wait. Many of the items come from local companies.  You’ll find lots of items with the State of Kentucky on them!  There are air-plants, soaps, cards, mugs, T-shirts, sports memorabilia, candy, purses, scarves, earrings, you get the picture!  

Now, it would be sad if I didn’t mention my most favorite thing about Grassroots Pharmacy.  Their Smoothie Bar is on point!  I plan my trips around lunchtime so I can grab a smoothie!  You customize your recipe with the provided ingredients - you can follow a few of their recipes or make your own.  They only charge $7 for this wonderful goodness!  Comment below and tell me which recipe you are going to try!  

Grassroots Pharmacy - 2304 Sir Barton Way #195 in Lexington, KY 40509



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