The Process of Becoming an Elderberry Syrup Maker

There is something to look for when you are searching for an elderberry syrup maker.


Are they legit? What does that mean? Is that important? You decide.

 Jen Haseloff, owner of Sweet 'n SImple Elderberry, making elderberry syrup in a commercial kitchen
When you're looking for a quality Elderberry Syrup maker, be sure they have gone through the correct channels to become legit. Did you know there is a regulatory process that all Food Production business owners must go through? Yep, they need to check with their local Department of Agriculture to find out the order to complete the following. Attend a Food Manager Certification program and take a competency test at the end of that course. They'll need to locate a commercial kitchen where they can cook. This kitchen needs to be inspected as well as the maker's recipe. The Dept of Ag will set up an appointment to observe the whole cooking and bottling process. They must get their labels approved by the regulatory authority. The maker will need to purchase insurance to cover their business whether it's online, brick and mortar, or farmer's markets. Only then, will be eligible for official certification! Once they are certified, they are ready to register with their Secretary of State and make sure all their tax collecting is set up correctly.
If you read all of that, you might be wondering if many people go through all that process! Yep. I did. I felt it was imperative that I go through all the necessary steps to become legit so YOU can buy with CONFIDENCE!

Where to buy Elderberry Syrup:

Look no further! There are three ways to buy Sweet 'n Simple Elderberry Syrup.
2) Text me or email me @ 859-405-0441
3) Visit one of our local retail stores:
  • Lexington Locations: Grassroots Pharmacy & Professional Pharmacy
  • Nicholasville Location: Dodd's Corner Farmer's Market & Med-Save
  • Wilmore Location: IGA & Med-Save
  • Frankfort Location: Locals Food Hub & Pizza Pub


  • I love both your regular syrup and your seasonal syrup! I believe they boost my immune system and the seasonal syrup has definitely decreased my allergy symptoms. Thank you for taking the training course and for going through all the proper channels to make sure you are making an effective and safe product!😍

    Debbie Dalton
  • This elderberry syrup is the best of those we have tried. I credit it with keeping us healthy the last couple of years. Even my skeptic husband is a believer now! Thanks Jen for making a quality product and always delivering promptly!

    Sherry Heflin
  • I’ve been enjoying your syrup for quite awhile. At first I used your kits to make my own, but I much prefer getting it already made. Thanks.

    Marcia Homer
  • Jen, I so appreciate you and your amazing syrup. The dedication to doing it right is amazing and I am so proud to call you friend!!!

    Jacque Bridgewater
  • Going through the process shows your high level of commitment to the quality of your products. I salute you. And I love the syrup kits!

    Liz Shipp

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