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Have you ever run to your refrigerator to grab your precious elderberry syrup because you feel that familiar scratch in your throat, and found it empty?  It's just sitting on the top shelf of your fridge totally empty, just like the jug of milk your teenager left.  Maybe you rinse it with some water in hopes to get the last drop into your system.  Well, you can avoid all this if you join the Elderberry Club

What is "The Club"?  I'm so glad you asked.  It's the easiest and cheapest way to get your Elderberry syrup monthly!  Just sign up for your monthly subscription and let me do the rest.  On the 5th of each month, your order will trigger and order in my system and I'll be sure you get restocked!

Benefits of Sweet 'n Simple Elderberry Syrup

Since you’re reading this, I bet you already know the benefits of Elderberries, but did you know I specifically researched the benefits of all the other ingredients I chose?  Yep.  Let me take a minute to share about them.  

  • Elderberries have been researched for their ability to reduce cold and flu symptoms thanks to their anthocyanins.
  • Wolfberries have most noticeably been researched to aid in weight loss and may improve blood sugar control and cholesterol levels.
  • Star Anise has been researched for treating digestive issues such as bloating, gas, indigestion, and constipation.
  • Rose Hips have tons of vitamin C. Did you know these guys contain more than 60 times the vitamin C as oranges? And in addition to vitamin C, they also boost vitamin D intake.
  • Local Raw Honey - Think about all the pollen around you. If you could get a little bit of each plant into your system, you’ll fare better during allergy season. And, this natural sweetener also is known to be a natural preservative.
  • Lemons help aid in digestion as well as helps liver function.
  • Ginger Root improves digestion and can reduce nausea.

As you can see, Sweet ‘n Simple’s Elderberry Syrup is so much more than just elderberry syrup!  That’s why on each label, you can see it says, Elderberry SUPER Syrup.  It’s the one - two - three - four - five - six - seven punch syrup! 

Quality Assurance

You’ll find it has a thin consistency, that’s a good thing.  It has NO preservatives, NO thickeners, NO sugar, or any other yucky sweeteners.  It’s all the good stuff.  I have vetted each source of my ingredients and only choose USDA Organic ingredients.  The cooking process has been strictly monitored to ensure all the healthy constituents are preserved.  Temperatures are monitored and cooling procedures as well.  This end product is the most potent syrup I could ever offer. 

How to sign up for The Elderberry Club 

You can feel confident while purchasing from Sweet ‘n Simple Elderberry.  And purchasing through the Elderberry Club is the cheapest way to get it!  Did I mention you can cancel any time you deem necessary?  Yep.  I’ll take care of you!  So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead, sign up for The Club right away!  Just click on “Subscriptions” above. 

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