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Interview with Sweet 'n Simple Elderberry

About a month ago, I got an email asking if I'd be willing to be interviewed.  It ends up that I was referred to them by another small business friend.  Go Solo is a company that interviews small businesses and helps get the word out about their products and services.  I quickly agreed and waited for the interview questions.  While I was waiting, I heard the very same voice in my head that I heard as I was deciding to even start my own business.  The voice was saying, "What makes you so special?  What do you have to offer others?  Why do you think this business would work?  You're not able to do this.  People aren't going to take you seriously.  This is going to be too much work, why would you want to put anything more on your plate?”

Okay, enough reminiscing on that garbage!  Pooey!  I know exactly where that self-doubt comes from and I don’t want anything to do with it.  I thought back to how I first felt when I got the email about the interview.  Just hearing that a company wants to highlight my journey made my heart skip a beat.  I mean, that's what happened before the garbage rang inside my head.  So I did what all moms do, I stuffed the garbage aside and put on my brave face, and wrote as if I believed in myself!  *Side note, Why is it so hard to self-promote? If you have an answer, I’d love to hear it!

I sat down to type.  I told my story about how Sweet 'n Simple came to be.  (Have I ever told you how I even got the name?  It's a fun story.)  I only shared a tiny bit of that story in the interview.  Then I was asked to list some accomplishments - that was kinda hard for me.  I guess you'll just have to read it to see what I'm most proud of!  

This article was written a month ago, but I'm just now sitting down to tell you about it.  Sorry for the delay.  I think I still struggle with the garbage mindset at times.  I know I needed to write this down before I chickened out and put it lower on my to-do list again!  Please leave me a comment to let me know your favorite thing about my interview!   (It's only a 3 minute read!)

Without further ado, here is the link to the Go Solo Interview.

Interview of Sweet 'n Simple Elderberry by Go Solo


Let me know of other small business owners that would like to be highlighted like this!  It might just make their day as it did mine!  I can recommend them to this organization. 


  • I love the part your kids have played in the evolution of your recipe.

    Marcia Homer
  • I take Jennifer’s Elderberry Syrup everyday. It is delicious and I believe it has helped keep me healthy these past two years. I’m 71 years old.

    Deana Culver

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