Cold & Flu Season is here.

Have you gotten yourself ready?  You don’t have to lock yourself inside all winter, there are practical ways to prepare for this season. Taking Elderberry Syrup is a long-time, natural, preventative option that people have used for centuries.  If you are reading this, you are probably considering natural and effective ways to help your body protect itself.  Good for you!  Elderberries have some wonderful benefits.  Let's talk for a minute about the fantastic benefits of Elderberry Syrup! 

BENEFITS of Elderberries  

Here are just SOME of the health benefits you can get from elderberries.

Protection against the cold and flu – Elderberries can help protect your body against the severity and many of the cold & flu symptoms. Taking elderberry regularly in cold and flu season can provide some comfort for you. 

Help with headaches and joint pain – Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of elderberry, you can reduce pain in your muscles and joints, as well as reduce headache pain.

Relief from constipation – If you have digestive or bowel issues, especially with constipation or stomach cramps, elderberry is a great way to get treatment for it naturally. This is from many of the healing properties, as well as the high amount of fiber.

Protection from kidney issues – Everyone’s kidneys need a good boost every once in a while, which you can get naturally by consuming elderberries or syrup on a regular basis.

Help with minor skin irritations – You may also find that your skin conditions get a little better because of the antioxidants. This might include less acne and breakouts, a pretty skin glow, and help with certain chronic skin conditions.

WHY Sweet ‘n Simple Elderberry

We are incredibly intentional with our Elderberry Syrup recipe and process. We want to provide the absolute best to our customers. Here are a few ways that we do that:

-Made in small batches to ensure quality control

-Naturally sweetened with raw honey from 13 Kentucky counties

-Infused with natural spices to aid in immune support

-Not processed with preservatives

-No artificial sweeteners or thickening agents


Our syrup is made with 8 natural, USDA organic ingredients: Elderberries, Wolfberries, Rosehips, Star Anise, Raw Local Honey, Ginger, Lemon, and Cinnamon.  (*Side note: Our honey has never been heated above 120 degrees or filtered and thus retains the beneficial traces of pollen, propolis, and beeswax which the flowers and bees have provided.)

All of these ingredients are amazing for supporting healthy respiratory systems, especially in times of seasonal threats. We don't use any preservatives or artificial sweeteners because we want our product to be fresh and healthy. Who wants that stuff in their syrup anyway? 

Where to buy your syrup

You know you can find Elderberry syrup in local stores and even on Amazon. But, here are 2 reasons why I wouldn’t do that.  Cost.  The average bottle of Elderberry Syrup on the shelves is 2 - 3 times the price.  Ingredients. Store-bought Elderberry Syrup is loaded with high fructose corn syrup, corn, soy, wheat, gluten, alcohol, artificial colors, and flavors, not to mention preservatives!  Yuck!  As I said, who wants any of that in their syrup if they’re trying to support their body in a healthy way?  I recommend buying your Elderberry Syrup from a local maker.

More about  Elderberry Syrup

Our Elderberry Syrup doesn't have any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or thickening agents.  Our syrup only contains the GOOD stuff!  Because of this commitment, our syrup is thinner than most commercial products. I’d say it has a consistency more comparable to juice than syrup. Our syrup is super potent.  It’s recommended that adults take ½ - 1 tablespoon daily and children only ½ -1 teaspoon daily for overall wellness. When sick, take the higher serving size every 2-3 hours up to 4 times a day or until symptoms disappear.

Support A Local Maker

Lastly, when you buy your Elderberry Syrup from a local maker, like me, you are supporting my small business dreams.  You’re supporting my family and making a difference in our community.  I buy the bulk of my ingredients locally to give business back to other small businesses.  I’ve partnered with several small business retailers to distribute my syrup as well.  This journey has become much larger than I anticipated, but so much more rewarding than I’d imagined as well.  Thank you for being part of it.  Thank you, again, for your support of this small business. I hope to help your family stay safe and healthy all year long!

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Jen Haseloff

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