What's the Scoop?

  • Fragrance - Who Regulates This Anyway?

    Many products list “fragrance” on the label, but very few name the specific ingredients that make up a “fragrance.” Why? Wellllll..... This term was created to protect a company’s “secret formula.” So as a result, they can hide a myriad of ingredients behind the Fragrance and not disclose them.
  • SLS - Does it help or hinder?

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (commonly known as SLS) is what makes shampoo, hand soap, and body wash lather.  Many people think the more something lathers, the better it cleans.  There are many reasons to stay clear of this chemical.
  • Petrochemicals - What are they and how can I spot them?

    What are Petrochemicals?  How do I find them in household products?  Why are they bad for me?  Read this post and find out these answers!