Laundry Detergent. Which chemcials are hidden inside?

Laundry Detergent has hidden dangers

Hidden dangers behind what we use to clean our clothes.

The government regulates this, right?

You might assume that the government has tested all the chemicals used in your laundry detergent for safety, but that’s not actually the case.  Out of some 62,000 chemicals approved for use in the US, only about 300 have actually been tested for safety.  

Did you know that laundry detergent manufacturers aren’t required to show their full ingredient lists on their labels?  

Did you know the word “fragrance” on a laundry detergent can actually mask a cocktail of dozens of harmful ingredients?  Yep, up to 300 chemicals can be called one thing: Fragrance.  

ALERT: Products with “fragrance” may contain 50–300 different chemicals. Because fragrance is considered proprietary information, companies don’t have to disclose what chemicals they use so you don't know what toxins you are exposed to.

❌Chemicals to avoid in your detergent:

- bleach

- fragrance

- phthalates

- Sodium lauryl sulfate/ sodium laureth sulfate

- Phosphates & EDTA

- Brighteners

- Quaternium-15

- Petroleum distillates

- NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate)

- Formaldehyde

- 1,4 dioxane

- borax

- Methylisothiazolinone

Why should we worry? 

Let’s look at babies for example:

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) study commissioned five laboratories to examine the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies of African-American, Hispanic, and Asian heritage and found more than 200 chemicals in each newborn.

In another study, researchers collected maternal blood samples from 77 pregnant women at ZSFG. Once they delivered their babies, researchers collected umbilical cord blood samples from 65 of these women. Almost 80 percent of the chemicals detected in maternal blood samples were also detected in the umbilical cord blood samples, indicating that they passed through the placenta and entered the fetal environment.

These chemicals are not good for anyone, no matter the age. The skin is our largest organ and chemicals get absorbed through our skin.  So when you’re picking your next bottle of laundry detergent, don’t go by the smell (frangrance), turn the bottle around and look at the ingredients. 


Learn more about the chemicals found in laundry detergent.

Let’s dive deeper into several chemicals that I listed above.  Each week I’d like to share some research I’ve done over the past 8 years.  I used to teach in-person classes about the dangers of toxins, but then we went on lockdown.  I know I could start hosting classes again, but I figured blogging has the potential to reach more people than my living room couch!  

I’ll be covering information about Petrochemicals, Parabens, Synthetic Colors, Phthalates, Sodium Laureth Sulfates (SLS), and finally my favorite - Fragrance. 


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